Important Information About Child Care


 A Day for Moms Conference

Saturday, September 28, 2019

9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Eric McKinney Christian Ministry Center

1205 Ash Street, Georgetown, TX 78626

(Please note children’s drop-off location information in download below)




We are pleased to offer free childcare provided by trained childcare providers, on a first-come basis. 

  • Children between the ages of 6 months through 10 years are eligible for childcare, depending on available space.
  • Children younger than 6 months may be brought into the conference center with their moms.  We are asking moms to please be respectful of other attendees should your child need tending to so that other attendees and speakers are not disturbed.
  • You must indicate the number and ages of your children needing childcare when you register to attend the conference.
  • Please arrive early to get your child/children checked-in before the conference starts.
  • Also, please give your attention to the items in the checklist below to ensure your child is prepared for a comfortable time in childcare.

Have special needs or questions regarding childcare at the conference?  Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.  We promise to get back to you within 24 business hours.

Mom’s Childcare Checklist

  • For each child, please bring a lunch, two snacks, and water bottle.
  • For each child, as appropriate, bring formula or milk in bottles.
  • Your child’s food items must be clearly labeled with your child’s first and last names.
  • All food should be free of peanuts and other nuts in any form. Parents wanting to pack a PB&J sandwich should consider using sunflower butter rather than peanut butter for this event.
  • Any food allergies will need to be clearly marked on children’s name tags.
  • For children ages 3 and under bring a crib sheet, blanket, or beach towel and any other necessary napping items.

Download Checklist & Drop-off Location Map

Click below to download the checklist and map to where to drop-off your child/children.

Who is providing childcare?

First United Methodist Church Georgetown is providing childcare workers at the church location which is directly across the street from the conference location McKinney Christian Ministry Center.

The church address is 410 East University Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626

Is childcare included in the registration fee?

Yes, however childcare will be provided on a first registered basis since there are limitations on the number of childcare spaces available.

Are the daycare providers officially trained? Background checks, etc.?

Yes, all childcare providers are fully trained and background checked through Ministry Safe.

How will I know if the number of childcare registration spaces have been filled?

If the maximum number of childcare spaces have been taken, you will be notified either during the registration process or by email within 48 of your registration.

Am I required to bring food for my child(ren)?

Yes. Please bring a snack and lunch for each of your children labelled with your child’s name(s).

As a courtesy to others, please do not pack any tree nuts, peanuts, or products made of nuts (peanut butter, almond butter, nutella, etc.).

Am I required to bring any supplies for my child(ren)?

For children ages 3 and under, please bring a crib sheet, blanket, or beach towel (the church has nap mats and cribs) and any other necessary napping items.

Will breakfast be provided for the children?

Please plan to provide breakfast for your child(ren) before arriving at the church.

What if my child has food allergies? Will the childcare space be allergen friendly?

Each parent is responsible for bringing snacks and lunch for their child(ren). We have asked that all food should be free of peanuts and other nuts in any form. Parents wanting to pack a PB&J sandwich should consider using sun butter rather than peanut butter for this event. However, we will not inspect foods brought to the daycare area. If your child has food allergies, please notify the staff.

How early can I drop my child off at the daycare area?

9:15am and pick up no later than 3:15pm

Will my child(ren) be photograghed?

Your child may be photographed if you bring them to the McKinney Christian Ministry Center where the conference is held.

Will I be able to check-in on my child(ren) anytime during the conference?

Absolutely! Moms are welcome to check-in on their child(ren) at any time during the conference.

How will I be notified if there is a concern about my child?

You will be notified via text message or phone call on the phone number you prodvide to the event organizer.

Will you be able to administer medications to my child (prescriptions and/or over-the-counter)? If so, what do I need to do to make arrangements for this?

We are not able to administer any medications.

Do you require that my child(ren) have vaccinations? If so, which ones? Do I need to bring proof of immunization?

As of 6/16/2019, we do not require this.

Childcare Drop-off Location

Childcare will be provided in the main sanctuary area, as shown on the map below. 

You may park on S. Elm Street, in front of the entrance to check in your child/children, then take the short walk over to the McKinney Christian Center to join the conference.

Questions or comments?

Please provide your contact information and a brief note.

We promise to get back to you within 24 business hours.

Thanks for your interest!

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