Portrait of newborn baby held by his/her mother, studio shot

As a new mom, I often felt like I was supposed to be “doing something” all the time. Buy this new mind-stimulating toy, read the latest book on parenting, search for this or that newest, best, delicious, nutritious organic baby food–even if it meant traveling to three different stores. Always searching. Always doing. There’s nothing wrong with any these things, but I equated “the doing” with being worthy. What I’ve learned, and what I want you to know is that you are already worthy as a mom and a human. And no amount of doing changes that


I took this photo of a Meyer lemon tree growing in a pot in my backyard. The lemons stay green for a long time. Months. Then suddenly in fall, they begin to ripen, turning a sunny shade of yellow. They don’t toil. They don’t rush. Their value is in the waiting, not the doing.

So it is with you, dear mother. You are growing and becoming a beautiful work, just because of who you are. On the days when you wonder if you should be doing more, rest and know that you are “becoming” moment by moment.