Our Mission

The mission of Mommie Support Network is to help mothers become more confident in their parenting role while maintaining her own physical, mental and spiritual health. We believe that when a mother is healthy, everybody wins.

To accomplish our mission Mommie Support Network does the following:

Annual Conferences

We hold yearly conferences where moms are introduced to parenting, wellness and self care techniques by experienced instructors and speakers. Mothers are also encouraged through fun activities and group discussions that allow them to interact with others in similar circumstances and create new relationships. We strive to make each woman at our conferences feel a sense of camaraderie on the journey of motherhood.

Community Engagement

Mommie Support holds Community forums that bring moms and community service providers together. These events help moms express their specific needs. Service organizations and community leaders are able to listen and then provide information on resources that may already be available. Non-profit groups as well as businesses are able to assess and better meet the needs of mothers.

Volunteer Outreach

Our organization provides a task force of volunteers that work to meet the individual needs of women with young children as they arise. We especially focus on encouragement through gift baskets, gift cards, and coaching. With a strong emphasis on spiritual well being, we work with churches to provide Bible studies and other group events which support mothers.

Mommie Support Network operates on the foundation of Christian principles. We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, acting as the source of authority over every area of our lives—including morality, Christian beliefs, conduct, and lifestyle.

Questions or comments?

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Mommie Support Network

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